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  • About Supple Spine Institute

    In the Netherlands, the examination and treatment of animals is reserved for veterinarians and animal physiotherapists. In our view, these are also the appropriate professional groups who, after thorough training in veterinary chiropractic, should be allowed to treat animals chiropractically. Supple Spine Institute offers a basic training programme in veterinary chiropractic for such professionals. In addition, we offer basic training in veterinary osteopathy, which is accessible to everyone, as this programme also covers all the necessary basic medical knowledge.

    Supple Spine Institute was founded to transfer comprehensive and state-of the-art knowledge and expertise on manipulation techniques for companion animals. We keep up to date with the most recent literature and research, making sure that students always benefit from the latest insights. We aim to be a leading institute for training in veterinary chiropractic and osteopathy for companion animals in the Netherlands and throughout Europe.

  • Acknowledgements

    I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Ines Wecker of the BackBone-Academy for showing me the way in the world of chiropractic and teaching me to teach others.