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  • Training programmes

    Supple Spine Institute stands for quality. While we ensure the high quality of our lessons and supervision, we also expect our students to focus on quality – in their work as a veterinary chiropractor and/or osteopath, and in the caring and respectful way they approach animals and their owners. To achieve this high level of quality, all programmes and continuing education courses at Supple Spine Institute are taught in small groups, ensuring the close involvement of all participants. The instructors are all well qualified and have their own practices. In addition, they regularly take part in continuing education, so that students can rely on the instructors’ practical and up-to-date know-how. Practical training is done one on one, ensuring optimal skills instruction. To hone their newly learnt skills in between modules, students will need to apply them in practice and report on their experiences.

    Supple Spine Institute aims to deliver well-trained, respectful and effective veterinary chiropractors and osteopaths. Besides our emphasis on practical skills, we therefore also spend ample time on the underlying anatomical, biomechanical and neurological aspects of each discipline. Students are stimulated to explore both the possibilities and the limitations of each discipline. This requires sound pathological knowledge, which is therefore a crucial part of the training. To make this knowledge stick, students have access to online material in addition to the on-site lessons. Theory is conveyed by means of presentations and video material. We also make use of various supporting educational materials, including skeletons, spinal columns and anatomical models.

  • To safeguard our high standards, a score of at least eighty percent is required for both theory and practice in order to pass the final exam and be qualified as a veterinary chiropractor and/or veterinary osteopath. During the training programmes, students are tested following each module in order to monitor progress and prepare students for their final exam.

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