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    The Basic Veterinary Chiropractic Course at the Supple Spine Institute is a very valuable addition in terms of knowledge and skills for animal physiotherapists, veterinarians and animal osteopaths. It is a practical course with a clear structure. A piece of theoretical knowledge about neurology and pathology that you can apply directly in practice is discussed. Anneke is pleasant to deal with, very helpful and determined to allow every participant to start up as a veterinary chiropractor. In short, a must for anyone who wants to strengthen his / her knowledge and skills.

    And further:
    ''The moste valuable training I've attainded as a vet ever''
    - veterinairian (Chiropractic 2015)
    ''Very practical and immidiately applicable''
    - animal physiotherapist (osteopathy 2016)
    ''Super training''
    - veterinarian (Chiropractic 2016)
    ''I use it daily in my practice''
    - animal physiotherapist (Osteopathy 2016)
    ''You must study hard, but very valuable''
    - animal physiotherapist (Chiropractic 2017)
    ''As a veterinarian I get a completely different view on symptoms and their treatment''
    - vet (Chiropractic 2017)
    ''It's a significant investment in both time and money, but it's more than worth it''
    - vet (Ostopathy 2018)
    ''The best complement to my education as a vet''
    - vet (Chiropractic 2018)
    ''A very nice addition alongside chiropractic''
    - vet (Osteopathy 2018)
    ''I wish I had done this much earlier''
    - animal phystiotherapist (Osteopathy 2018)

    "I have much better results''
    - animal physiotherapist (Chiropractic 2019)
    ''I could raise my prices significantly''
    - animal physiotherapist (Chiropractic 2019)
    ''This should be teached in the eduction of veterinarians''
    - vet (Chiropractic 2019)