•                                                   Merel 235, 1965 GN Heemskerk, The Netherlands

  • About Supple Spine Institute

    In the Netherlands, diagnosing and treating animals is done exclusively by veterinarians and veterinary physiotherapists. In our view these professionals, if appropriately schooled in veterinary chiropractic, are the designated vocational group to offer chiropractic treatment for animals. In addition Supple Spine Institute offers the Basic Veterinary Osteopathy Course.

    Supple Spine Institute was founded to transfer the growing knowledge of manipulation techniques for companion animals. We remain up to date with the most recent research and literature in the field, allowing us to offer our students the very latest information available.

    Our aim is to be thé institute for education and training in veterinary chiropractic and ostoepathy for companion animals in the Netherlands and Europe.

  • Special thanks

    Special thanks to Dr. Ines Wecker from the Backbone-Academy for educating me in the world of chiropractic.