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    Supple Spine Institute stands for quality. That is what we give in our classes and counseling, but also require from our students. A high-quality of work as a veterinary chiropractor and/or osteopath, but also a tender, loving, and respectful approach to the animals and their owners.
    Therefore, the courses and Continued Education are given in small groups, giving everyone the needed attention. The teachers are all well educated and working in the field. In addition, they follow regular Continued Education, which ensures the students from practical and up-to-date information. The practice is in one-to-one transfer, so that the students learn their skills optimally. In order to develop them well, they are required to practice the learned skills in between the modules and report.

    Supple Spine Institute is striving to deliver well-educated, subtle and effective working veterinary chiropractors and osteopaths. Therefor, in addition to the hands-on skills, a great deal of attention is given to the underlying anatomical, biomechanical and neurological aspects of the discipline. The students will be encouraged to explore the potential of the discipline, but certainly also learn the limits. The knowledge of pathology is essential and gets ample attention during the course. In addition to on-site classes, the students have access to online material. The theory will be conveyed with the help of presentations and videos. There is various supporting materials, such as skeletons, spines, and anatomical models.

    To quarantee the high requirements and standards, a score of at least eighty percent or more is asked for both the theory and the practice on the final exam and to get to work as a veterinary chiropractor and/or veterinary osteopath.
    During the Basic Veterinary Chiropractic Course the progress will be tested each module. During the Basic Veterinary Osteopathy Course an interim test will be given for the same reason. This will prepare the students for their final exam as well.

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