•                                                   Merel 235, 1965 GN Heemskerk, The Netherlands

  • Location

    The modules are taught in the Jyoti veterinary practice, located in Heemskerk, the Netherlands.

    Merel 235
    1965 GN Heemskerk
    The Netherlands

    Tips for Satellite Navigation:
    Satnav users are advised that many systems do not recognise the precise address. If this is the case, we recommend navigating to Goudvink instead. From this street, you can conveniently access our parking lot. Furthermore, if you are approaching from the South, we advise against taking the exit Beverwijk, should your system indicate this. Drive on to the exit 'Heemskerk' instead: this route is both faster and more straightforward. See also the directions below.

    Take the A9 motorway, exit Heemskerk. Below, turn right (first exit) at the roundabout.
    You should pass a Shell petrol station on your right.
    Turn left at the traffic lights (onto the Tolweg).
    Go straight on at the next traffic lights.
    Turn right at the next set of traffic lights (onto the Jan Ligthartstraat). On your right, you should see a castle-like building. The facade reads 'Gasbedrijf'.
    Take the first right (onto Goudvink).
    Immediately to your right you will find our parking lot.

    Jyoti is on the ground floor. Our name and logo should be visible in the windows. Walk around the building on the left side.